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meet Agua DB

bringing the circular economy to agriculture with NTPlus

designed for farmers

NTPlus uniquely recovers nutrients from wastewater and nitrate removal plants in liquid form, compatible with smart irrigation and greenhouse growing. We produce high nitrate irrigation water, low nitrate drinking water, and convert potash into sulphate of potash - a nutrient that improves a crop's drought, disease and stress resistance - that has to be good!

delivered by water companies


proof of concept

Red Russian Kale at 3 weeks, 40% of nutrients recovered at a carbon cost of 1/5th of conventional production

97% of potash (KCl) converted to K2SO4, KNO3 and KHCO3



The most common fertiliser. The problem is that nitrate is very mobile in soils, so most just disappears - and this has been going on for decades. There's now between 7 and 20 years supply of nitrate under our feet, slowly heading down to the aquifers. It's called the 'Nitrate Timebomb'.

We've turned that into a sustainable solution.

This is already impacting aquifers in agricultural regions around the world. Water companies can take it out, the best available technology is ion exchange, but this uses a lot of salt and produces a brine nitrate waste stream.

That is just the wrong answer - we get the nitrate back on the farm.



As a final effluent treatment process, this recovers high quality irrigation water with extra N in it, produces low N drinking water, and converts potash to sulphate of potash.

Ideal for rural communities in arid regions with irrigated agriculture.

Ideal feed for a low run-off greenhouse growing system, potentially also using waste heat from the water treatment plant.

Products can be concentrated up to be used as a liquid fertiliser with boom sprayers on the back of a tractor.

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