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We're really chuffed to announce we recently won Water Europe's 'Global Water Challenges Award'
presented at WIE2023, June 21st 2023

the route forwards

So far, we're at pilot scale, but working with a number of water companies to scale this up to demonstration scale over the next 2 years in both the US and UK. To keep up to date with how we're doing, please use our contact page - and we won't bombard you!

We'd really like to hear from farmers either already irrigating or considering irrigation, particularly if they happen to have a water treatment site on their doorstep (UK and California!). The products can be applied efficiently through rain gun or overhead boom irrigation, but is best suited to driplines and micro-irrigation methods.

In temperate climates, such as the UK, commercial greenhouses are co-locating with wastewater treatment plant to use spare heat, let's talk about getting the nutrients and irrigation water from there, too


SMART application submitted October 2022

Investigating potential to recover P

Demonstrating production of variable proportions of potable to irrigation water

Crop trials on greenhouse tomatoes

Partnership with CHAP and RAU

Affinity Water, Anglian Water and Thames Water, with EVG Europe, are project advisors


OfWat Discovery

Call opens Jan 2023

Phase 1 - design of integrated plant, product concentration with HPRO

Phase 2 - construct and test integrated plant

Evaluation of produced potable water quality for re-use

Crop trials on irrigated potatoes

Sunset over Vineyard

US and the rest of the world

We're actively exploring demonstration opportunities in the Central Valley in California

As this process moves through to commercialisation, we are looking to license the IP and know how, together with key plant design details

We're a tiny company - this process should go where it is needed and we will work with key partners to deliver this affordably for all

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