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helping deliver a game changing solution

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CHAP (Crop Health and Protection Ltd)

One of four UK Agri-Tech Innovation Centres. We bring together scientists, farmers, advisors and pioneers to advance crop productivity and yield around the world.

Client 8

Royal Agricultural University (RAU)

Nitrates in drinking water are becoming an increasing problem whilst the rising cost of fertilisers make nutrient supply challenging.  This novel technique from Mike Waite of Agua DB and Farm 491 member in conjunction with Dr Nicola Cannon offers a win win solution


Client 2

EVG Europe (Springhill Farms)

Springhill Farms operates over 4500 acres in the Heart of England, with a wide range of agricultural and horticultural enterprises including tomatoes, spring onions, asparagus, fennel and courgettes, as well as combinable and forage crops. EVG has grown to be one of the largest farming businesses in the Midlands. EVG Europe Ltd (

Affinity Water


We've worked with Affinity for years, designing their first nitrate removal plant, commissioned back in 2005. We went back with our little pilot plant in 2021 and grew Red Russian Kale on product from the plant. We'll be back there with the SMART award - producing nutrients to support a crop of tomatoes grown in a greenhouse at STC (Stockbridge Technology Centre - CHAPs delivery partners)

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